Mission, Vision, and Values

Northeast Calgary Community Church exists to help the Northeast quadrant of Calgary, especially the North of McKnight region, to be transformed by the Gospel through disciples of Jesus joining together on His mission in everyday life.


We want to provide our communities and neighbours with regular opportunities to engage with the Gospel in meaningful ways, through both acts of love as well as words.

picture of a group of Christian gather at home
picture of home worship


We want to see at least one Gospel-centered, outward-oriented church in each community in Northeast Calgary. We endeavor to accomplish this in active partnership with other churches and ministries in Northeast Calgary.


We invite you to join us for our Sunday worship service! Currently, we meet in Pastor Wes's home. No matter what your background is, you are welcome here. Learn about God's Word, connect with a community of people who share their lives meaningfully together, and experience change and transformation in your own life!


We believe that the Church in Northeast Calgary should accurately reflect the demographics of the people who live here.


We also believe in a truly local church, comprised of families who live in this part of the city sharing life and mission together in an ongoing way throughout the week, rather than a commuter or primarily “event-based” model of church life.


We are intentionally seeking to allow for a theological spectrum among not only congregation members, but also in leadership, within the bounds of The Gospel Coalition Statement of Faith.


No one culture has the "corner" on expressing our faith. Therefore, we attempt to worship together in multiple languages and cultural styles from week to week. Our services are translated into the Punjabi language in acknowledgement of the fact that there is a significant Punjabi-speaking population in Northeast Calgary. Our preaching is both accessible for those outside the Church as well as edifying and challenging for mature believers.


We want to create a culture in which it is "normal" to be broken, and to be truly ourselves while also seeking to become more like Christ. We don't hide in the shadows. We together step into the light and walk with one another through our struggles and hardships.


Nothing we do ultimately matters if God is not in it and working through it. So we prioritize getting on our knees and coming before our Heavenly Father together in prayer.

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We Aren't in This Alone!

We do not believe in working in isolation from the rest of God's Church. To this end, here are some organizations that we are actively partnered with in our ministry.

Our Leadership

Northeast Calgary Community Church currently has two pastors, as well as a governance board comprised of pastors and elders who lovingly shepherd us and hold us accountable.

We believe that Jesus is the head of His Church, and that He calls pastors and elders to shepherd and care for His people by collectively exercising His authority through what He has taught in His Word (the Bible). We do not believe in a church built on one leader since everyone (including leaders) is broken and has the propensity to sin. Together with our board, we hold each other to a high standard and check our egos at the door.

profile picture of Pastor Wes Hynd
Wes Hynd Pastor

profile picture of Pastor Mark Little
Mark Little Pastor

profile picture of Pastor Chris Synesael
Chris Synesael Board Member
Pastor, West Village Church Victoria
profile picture of Associate Pastor Trevor Rysavy
Trevor Rysavy Board Member
Associate Pastor, Mission Hill Church
profile picture of Pastor Balwant Bedi
Balwant Bedi Board Member
Pastor, Calgary Christian Punjabi Church
profile picture of Elder Tyler Grant
Tyler Grant Board Member
Elder, New City Church Calgary